About skedstretchers.co.uk

Skedstretchers.co.uk is part of the British company Sure Line Safety Ltd. Our core business is to provide rescue and evacuation equipment.

With Skedstretchers.co.uk we aim to offer a specialist site which will focus on Sked products only and allow us to offer the full range of Sked products both for the rescue and military markets in a clear and easy to understand manner.

We at Sure Line Safety Ltd believe that only specialist sites for specialist requirements can meet the needs of the market today.

While we are a UK based company we are happy to deliver equipment to anywhere in the world.

Our aim is to combine the traditional technical approach with quality product and a simple friendly attitude.  We have worked with the Police, Fire Service, NHS and  Ambulance Services as well as Large and Small businesses to make sure that the equipment they require suits their needs.