Industrial, Outdoor & Emergency Services

The Sked range offers a wide range of products especially tailored for industries including Oil and Gas, Construction and Mining, confined space rescue, emergency services and outdoor rescue whether on the ground in the water or requiring horizontal and or vertical lifting.

Sked Rescue Stretchers

Sked Stretchers are ideal for all types of rescue, including confined space, horizontal and vertical lifting situations. Used by the emergency services they are equally suitable for industrial and outdoor rescue operations…more

Spine Immobilisation

The Spinal immobilisation device the Oregon Spine Splint II is the only waistcoat that meets all of the established criteria for immobilising a seated patient….more

Confined Space Rescue

The Sked Stretcher can take a 180 lb 6 feet tall person through hole that measures 40cms x 30cms. The Half Sked allows the patient to bend at the hips for windy confined space extrication, e.g.pot holing or caves…..more

Water Rescue

The water flotation systems that can be purchased together or separately are ideal for water rescue in rivers, lakes or seas, automatically keeping the patient upright even in rough conditions….more

System Accessories

The support that you need. Should any of your equipment be lost or need replacing you will be able to find the parts here…more