Military Solutions

The Sked range especially tailored for the military include products for field of combat rescue, water rescue, confined space rescue plus the packs and bags and a full range of accessories all predominantly olive green in colour.

Sked Miltary Stretchers

The Sked Stretcher programme has been designed for the military, with the military and by ex military. There is a larger range of stretchers designed for use in the field offering flexibility and durability like no others…more

Spine Immobilisation

Essential spinal immobilisation. Use with the Ambu Perfit cervical collar. Can be used in conjunction with the Sked Basic Rescue System…more

Water Rescue

The water flotation systems that can be purchased together or separately are ideal for water rescue in rivers, lakes or seas, automatically keeping the patient upright even in rough conditions…more


Medical Evacuation are another key area in the safe evacuation and rescue of casualties. Here are a range of bags which provide a support package of medical equipment in a transportable combination…more

System Accessories

The support that you need. Should any of the equipment you have be lost or need to be replaced then we will provide it for you….more