FEBSS HydraSim Bleeding Simulator FS-2000

FEBSS HydraSim Bleeding Simulator FS-2000 and FS-2500

The FEBSS HydraSim Bleeding Simulator SK-2000-BL recreates the battlefied trauma for medics and first responders when training. The HydraSim provides nearly 3.5 litres of blood, pumping at body rate from a container which appears to be a standard issue backpack. Its wireless operation will feed 3 bleeding “wounds” each with independent control.

Users have the opportunity to practice treatments ranging from junctional or non- junctional tourniquet application to wound packing and dressing. The hydrasim also attaches to most training mannequins bringing greater realism to the training process.

  • FS-2000B-BL Basic HydraSim (Black)
  • FS-2000B-CB Basic HydraSim (Coyote Brown)

The HydraSim is also done as a deluxe version

  • FS-2000D-BL De-luxe HydraSim (Black)
  • FS-2000D-CB De-luxe HydraSim (Coyote Brown)

Completing the offer is a HydraSim Single Port

  • FS-2500-BL HydraSim Single Port (Black)
  • FS-2500-CB HydraSim Single Port Coyote Brown)

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