PJ Sked SK-215-GR

PJ Sked Rescue System with Cobra Quick Release Buckles

The PJ Sked Rescue System is designed to do everything the Sked Basic Rescue System (SK-200) will. The only difference between the two is the standard Sked is 36 inches wide and the PJ Sked is 28 inches wide. This means that when stored on the top of a backpack it is 8″ narrower and allows much easier access when going through a doorway particularly if you’re in a hurry. Comes with Cobra Quick Release Buckles for faster and safer patient packaging. The PJ Sked has not been tested by USAARL for hoisting, however, the Air Force PJ’s are hoisting it on a regular basis.

The PJ Sked is now the middle sized stretcher in the Sked Stretcher range with the original Sked Stretcher being the widest and the newly introduced Sked Ranger being the slimmest. All accessories for the Sked Basic Rescue System SK-200  including the Sked Flotation kits can be used on the PJ Sked SK-215-GR

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comes with

SK-217C-GR PJ Sked® Stretcher

SK-216-CB Cordura backpack

SK-203 Horizontal Lift Slings (pair)

SK-204 Sked® Tow Strap

SK-205 Removable Webbing Handles

SK-206 Steel Locking 'D' Carabiner

SK-207 Sked&reg Vertical Lift Sling