Sked® Basic Flotation System SK-600-GR

Sked® Basic Flotation System SK-600-GR

The Sked Basic Flotation System, SK-600-GR maintains the Sked Stretcher in a nearly vertical position in the water. It is self-righting and keeps the patient’s head completely out of water, even in rough water. The side floats and chest pad provide buoyancy sufficient to support two rescuers in the water in addition to the patient, while the lead shot filled ballast keeps the foot end down and the head elevated out of the water.

The Sked Basic Flotation System, can be upgraded for other configurations, including an option with CO2 inflatable side float logs and an empty ballast bag with hook and loop closure which can be filled with rocks just prior to use.  This can be particularly useful if weight is a criteria such as in helicopters or other aircraft.

Available in International Orange or Camouflage Green.

Can only be used in conjunction with the Sked Basic Rescue System SK-200-GR or with the Cobra Buckles version the SK-200C-GR

The SK-600 SKED Inflatable Flotation System comes with

SK-601 Ballast Weigh

SK-602 Inflatable Chest Pad

SK-603 Ethafoam Floats (pair)

SK-604 Extra Long Handles

SK-209 Retaining Strap