Sked® CASEVAC Combat Kit SK-1200

Sked® CASEVAC Combat Kit SK-1200

The Sked Casevac Combat Kit SK-1200 is a compact medical evacuation kit allowing injuries to be treated immediately. It is a full-capability CASEVAC kit for supporting air, ground and over water  operations. The kit provides maximum flexibility –  rapid separation of the stretcher carrier from the utility mounting sleeve allows critical components of the kit to be moved to the casualty while stretcher/casualty retention straps remain in place.

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A full compliment of Class VIII Medical supplies supplements operator IFAKs (Individual First Aid Kits) at the point of wounding or during casualty evacuation.


Full-Capability Combat CASEVAC Kit-not just a stretcher in a Bag

USAARL Tested and Approved Stretcher Tie-Down/Patient Straps

Stretcher complete with Special Operations Forces IFAKs attached

Exceeds Military Specification and airworthy standards

Fully Assembled/Combat Packed for Immediate deployment

Cost Effective

SKED Guarantee