Sked® Hazmat Assembled & Rolled SK-250 (B)

Sked® Hazmat Assembled & Rolled SK-250 (B)

The Sked Hazmat SK-250(B) where the B stands for Black is available to order for covert operations. It is designed for quick response and retrieval for individual casualties or terrorist incidents.

The Sked Hazmat SK-250 (B) is extremely versatile and can be dragged over virtually any terrain including stairs. It requires less effort from rescuers as patients can be rolled or dragged onto the Sked Hazmat rather than lifting.

There is also a carry bag available however this is in bright yellow, which may be of help in finding the Sked in an overstocked kit cupboard, but not at the scene of a covert operation. Should you lose any of the straps during an operation then these can be purchased as a set of replacment straps

The Sked Hazmat is available in yellow and black as shown

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