Sked® Helicopter Medic Bag

Sked® Helicopter Medic Bag

The Sked Helicopter Medic Bag, is designed to accommodate all equipment formerly kept in the old metal chests. With more room pockets and better organised they provide great storage for other upgraded equipment. They provide maximum flexibility for a tailored requirement of necessary medical equipment. The Sked helicopter bag provides the operator with the necessary range of equipment and supplies to manage casualties in-flight.


NSN: 6545-01-538-8494

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Dimensions of Medic Bag

  • Closed; 20″x20″x12″
  • Open and hanging; 20″ X 40″ x6″


USAARL Tested and approved

Replaces obsolete heavy metal medical chests for safer operations

Mounts securely in military aircraft to troop seat mounts fore and aft

Exceeds military specification sewing standards

Bomb proof construction

Sked quality and guarantee