SKED – Horizontal Lift Slings (pair) SK-203-GR

Sked Stretcher – Horizontal Lift Slings (pair) Sk-203-GR

The Sked Horizontal Lift slings SK-203-GR are for horizontal lifting or hoisting and are a component of the Sked Basic Rescue Sytem SK-200-GR. The Sked Horizontal Lift Slings can go missing during a rescue operation and if they do they can be quickly replaced.

The Sked Horizontal are are rated at 9,000 lb. tensile strength. They are used in winching operations whether by tripod, crane or helicopter.  The two slings are of different lengths with the slightly shorter sling being marked head and used at the head end of the stretcher thus keeping the head above the level of the feet at all times.

If you have lost them or damaged them they can be replaced.

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