Bariatric Sked SK-260

Bariatric Sked SK-260

The Bariatric Sked SK-260 is designed to move very large people weighing up to 545kg or 1200lbs (85.7 stones).

Made from the safe tough polyethylene plastic as the other Sked Stretchers it can be dragged over virtually any terrain.

The Bariatric Sked is 121cm (4 feet wide) and 242cm (8 feet) long when laid flat. yet rolls up into a diameter of 22cm for storage and transport. The Bariatric Sked will wrap around the patient cocooning and protecting them.

The Bariatric Sked is intended to be carried or dragged but not used with a  winch attached to a tripod, crane or helicopter. It is supplied with horizontal lifting slings for use with a hoist when moving the Bariatric Sked stretcher from the ground on to a stretcher trolley.

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Rolled in cordura pack — 10in. diameter x 48in. length

Laid out flat — 4 feet x 8 feet


17 pounds (Weight Capacity – 1,200 pounds)


medium density E-Z glide polyethylene plastic, 1/10th of an inch thick.

** Nylon webbing

** Solid brass grommets

** Steel buckles

Temperature Range:

** Usable to -120 degrees F without becoming brittle.

Horizontal Lift Slings:

Webbing tensile strength 9,000 lbs.

comes with

A set of straps to pull the stretcher around the patient.Bariatric Sked rolled and in a carry bag

A pair of horizontal lifting slings

A tow strap for to people to drag the patient

A carry bag