Sked® Inflatable Flotation System – SK-600A

Sked® Inflatable Flotation System SK-600A

The Sked Inflatable Flotation System SK-600A is more compact and weighs less than the basic flotation system as:

  • There are no ethafoam floats to transport -inflation is done on site by mouth or CO2 cartridge
  • The ballast bag is filled up on site reducing the weight by nearly 7kg or 15lbs

This makes it much more convenient for travelling to site particularly by helicopter or plane.

This  flotation system maintains the Sked® and patient in a nearly vertical position in the water. It is self-righting and keeps the patient’s head completely out of water, even in rough seas. The side floats and chest pad provide buoyancy sufficient to support two rescuers in the water in addition to the patient ,. The lead shot filled ballast keeps the foot end down and the head elevated out of the water.

The SK-600B SKED Hybrid Inflatable Flotation System is the same as the SK-600A except replacing the empty ballast Bag(SK-607) with 15 lbs lead shot in a bag(SK-601). Great for the navy and marine rescue situations when storage space is precious and with the ballast bag filled no need to search for gravel or rocks  to fill the empty ballast bag.

The Sked Flotation systems need to be used in conjunction with the Sked Basic Rescue System which has been designed for it to be easily attached to. Furthermore the Sked Inflatable Flotation System will fit into the Cordura Bag that contains the Sked and all of its accessories to make one easy to carry backpack.

To view the Sked Basic Rescue System click here

The SK-600A SKED Inflatable Flotation System comes with

SK-602 Inflatable Chest Pad

SK-605/SK-606 CO2 Inflatable Float 5” Diameter Logs (pair)

SK-653 CO2 CARTRIDGE – 25g (pair)

SK-607 Empty Ballast Bag