Ranger SkedPatient/Equipment Drag Stretcher SK-240C

Ranger Sked® Patient/Equipment Drag Stretcher SK-240C

The Ranger Sked SK-240C is the newest addition to the Sked Stretcher range of military stretchers. Following the successful introduction of the PJ Sked which in turn offered a narrower option to the Sked Stretcher, the Ranger Sked has now been added to the range. The reason for a narrower slimline option is it provides the user with a stretcher that has all the pedigree of Sked quality but fits on the backpack and allows access through narrower spaces.Designed by army ranger it allows for  a patient to be dragged to safety or equipment to where it is required.

The Ranger Sked is tough, durable, lightweight and extremely versatile. It measures 22.5 inch x 8 ft x and rolls up into a compact 7 inch diameter and 22.5 inch length and is therefore extremely easy to transport either in or on top of the backpack. It is not designed for hoisting by helicopter. It is either carried by the six sewn-on webbing handles or dragged using the tow webbing.

The Ranger Sked has five cross straps that fasten with cobra buckles, six carrying handles (sewn on), and a 12 foot long rope with a plastic tube handle for dragging. The rope can be adjusted to shorter lengths by pulling it farther through the grommets and tying the overhand knots farther from the ends of the rope. The Ranger Sked is rolled up for storage with a retainer strap to keep it rolled.

* The Ranger Sked strap closest to the head end, should not be used unless hauling equipments


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