Sked® Stretcher Cobra Buckles conversion kit SK-208c

Sked® Stretcher Cobra Buckles conversion kit SK-208C

The Sked Stretcher Cobra Buckles Conversion Kit is offered as a retrofit upgrade. The quick connect and release buckle for the Sked Basic Rescue Systems offer a much quicker packaging time for this exercise compared to the standard buckles.  Manufactured in Austria Cobra Buckles have developed a reputation for quality efficient and safe fastenings  The Sked Stretcher Cobra Buckles conversion kit offers everyone the opportunity to upgrade to this simple and fast buckle without the danger of breakage

The Cobra Buckles are rated at 3 thousand pounds. They are durable and easy to use. When they are in operation and  under tension they become very difficult to release meaning that accidental release under tension is not an issue. With these buckles you will no longer have to weave the webbing through the buckles when packaging a patient. Patient packaging is often done in about half of the time as when using the original steel buckles. The Cobra Buckles can either be ordered as a package with a new stretcher or as a conversion kit as they are here to update your existing Sked Stretcher System.  Many consider the extra expense to be more than valuable as they do dramatically speed up the patient packaging because of the ease of using them.

Cobra Buckles are often used by the armed forces where speed is of the essence, if you are in situation where speed and simplicity is valuable then you should consider upgradin with Cobra Buckles.

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