Sked® Stretcher Tow Strap SK-204

Sked Stretcher Tow Strap Sk-204

The Sked Stretcher Tow Strap SK-204 is part of the Sked Basic Rescue System. It can be used in a variety of differnt ways. There is already a tow handle in place. By attaching the tow strap to the base of the tow handles this allows two further people to help tow the stretcher along particularly useful if going up an incline or pulling the stretcher through rough ground. Alternatively if you are on your own, with the adaption of the cordura bag into a harness you can attach the two strap at one end to the towing handle and at the other end to the D Ring on the cordure bag and this will enable you to tow the stretcher behind you facing the direction you want to travel towards.

If you have damaged or lost your Sked Tow Strap then it can be purchased singularly.

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