Sked® Water Rescue Throw Bags SK-1001

Sked Water Rescue Throw Bag SK-1001

The Sked Water Rescue Throw Bags are avilable in two sizes – both 20 meters long one is 9mm thicj while the other is 7mm thick.  Commonly used on boats or found anywhere there may a hazard or life threatening situation around water.  To use simply open the drawstring at the top end and pull out a few feet of rope. Hold the loop at the end of the rope and throw the bag with an underhand motion to the person in the water. If you miss pull the bag in and allow the rope to coil at your feet. Fill the bag with water and throw it underhand again. When the person in the water grabs the rope gently pull them into safety . Both bags contain PMI Water Rescue Rope

  • SK-1001 Sked Water Rescue Throw Bag 9mm
  • SK-1002 Sked Water Rescue Throw Bag 7mm

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